Saturday, March 25, 2006

A Busy Broadway Baby Today!

Today I was one busy Broadway Baby. I had a free ticket to Sarah Jones' one woman wonder Bridge and Tunnel (Vicki became ill and arranged for me to take her ticket - sorry Vicki but thanks for the ticket!). While I found it little too political for me, I enjoyed it. Sarah Jones is very funny and is a master at imitation. It was conceptually fresh and interesting. Vicki would have loved it.

I had not been to a Broadway show since early February - way too long for me and I was starting to feel withdrawal pains. I spent the rest of the afternoon browsing through the Drama Bookstore, Theatre Circle and the Triton Gallery before heading to Angus McIndoe's for dinner with Maryann. As usual, the sirloin salad was too delicious and our favorite waiter Evan was there. He had good news - he was on Episode 16017 of Law & Order and actually had some lines!

Then it was off to my 15th round of that bloody wonder Sweeney Todd! Maryann and Paul went with me. I fulfilled my pledge to bring more "virgins" to attend the tale. Now, Maryann wasn't exactly a Sweeney virgin so it was a real honor for her to accompany me to this production - she saw the original production with Angela Lansbury and Len Cariou in 1979 and then the first revival in 1989 with Beth Fowler and Bob Gunton. She loved it and appreciated all of the imagery. Paul loved it as well. At the stage door after, we stood away from the crowd and when Donna Lynn came close I just cheered for her. She recognized me and came over to talk to me. She wanted to know what number it was tonight. She wanted to know if I see different things everytime and certainly I do. She just impresses me so much - the entire cast does - it is obvious that they are having the time of their life. She said that she will give anything to work with director John Doyle again and is hoping that perhaps the chance will come when Mack & Mabel transfers from the West End. Maryann told Patti that it was my fifteenth time and she exclaimed "God bless you! You should get free tickets!". Okay, Patti, I'll take you up on that!


Anonymous said...

I like watching different styles of bows-Patti has a nice curtsey/bow (crossed legs like a curtsey and then a bow).

Anonymous said...

What happened to Patti's "Diva" bow? I miss it. lol