Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Repeat All

All week long I have been chained to my desk while reviewing boxes and boxes of document production. The only good thing is that it's quiet work and I can listen to music freely. My friend Simon Cram made me a new cd that highlights some recordings of his own voice - he has a wonderful baritone bass voice and sings professionally as much as possible. The cd also includes an interesting mix of jazz and opera. I have the cd player set to "repeat all" - it's actually a perfect "at work mix".

1. Mozart Requiem: Tuba Mirum (Simon solo)
2. Mozart Requiem: Recordare (Quartet with Simon)
3. Mozart Requiem: Benedictus (Quartet with Simon)
4. Au Fond Du Temple Saint (Duet from Pearl Fishers with Simon and Stuart Lutzenhizer)
Skarbit Dusha from Goris Godonuv (Simon)
5. Gute Nacht (Quartet from Martha with Simon, Stuart Lutzenhizer, Dana Johnson(soprano) and Diane Radabaugh (mezzo)
6. Richard Strauss Four Last Songs: Beim Schlafgehen – Lucia Popp (Soprano)
7. Richard Strauss Four Last Songs: Frühling – Lucia Popp (Soprano)
8. Richard Strauss Four Last Songs: Im Abendrot – Lucia Popp (Soprano)
9. Richard Strauss Four Last Songs: September – Lucia Popp (Soprano)
10. Yesterdays – Carmen McCrae
11. You Don’t Know What Love Is – Dinah Washington
12. Blue Gardenia – Dinah Washington
13. Lady Be Good – Ella Fitzgerald
14. This time the Dreams on Me – Ella Fitzgerald

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