Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Jackhammer into Today

I was rudely awakened this morning by a jackhammer outside of my window. Don't they know I'm on vacation? But the feeling of annoyance soon faded when I realized that it's Today! So far my vacation has been filled with laziness (naps), sunshine (Central Park), accomplishment (the laundry up & down three flights of stairs and to & from 4 blocks), music (Grey Gardens), The Television Museum (vintage Tony Award Shows) and a TV at home treat (Live from Lincoln Center's 100 Years of Julliard Celebration).

It's today that the Beautiful Voice Group Week begins! It's a week filled with Manon at the Met, Sweeney Todd on Broadway, touring, drinking, eating and most certainly laughing! We've been planning this week for so long that it hardly seems real.

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