Thursday, April 27, 2006

Open a New Window

Angie is opening a new window!

Lansbury plotting her return to the stage
By Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith

Angela Lansbury is settling into her newly purchased New York City condominium. The four-time Tony-winning theater great is considering making a return to the stage.
"I'm kind of opening a new window here. It will be interesting to see what transpires from this move back to New York," notes Lansbury, who is retaining her home in Los Angeles as well as her vacation spot in County Cork, Ireland. "With my grandchildren grown now, and my family all involved in their own lives and their own business, I no longer feel I need to be right there — and I think they'll enjoy for me to get on with my life," adds the actress, who lost her husband of 55 years, Peter Shaw, in 2003. "They feel responsible for seeing to it that I'm OK since I am a widow. I didn't want them to feel they had this hobble on their foot. And I had selfish reasons, too. I wanted to be, needed to be back in New York theatrical society." Her latest acting effort, as the awful aunt in Emma Thompson's delightful "Nanny McPhee" — due out on DVD from Universal May 9 — has received mixed reaction, admits Angela. Fans used to her kindly characters were, well, "quite shocked by this woman I play." "They like to see me playing Mrs. Potts (from 'Beauty and the Beast') or Jessica Fletcher (from 'Murder, She Wrote')." Ah, but when Lansbury's bad, she's oh, so good. "I do like to play a good baddie," she says with a laugh.

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