Sunday, August 27, 2006

Tunes with 'Tude

It's Sunday and I've got a a big 'old Texas 'tude today I'm shufflin' my playlist with some tunes that match my attitude. I'm starting with Toni Price. She's a mix of bluesy country rock - she channels Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn and Janice Joplin and shakes not stirs them into a sexy cry of a voice. She's all tattoos and cowboy boots and made all of my Tuesdays happy at the venerable Continental Club in Austin way back when. I've got all of her albums, but today I'm indulging in "Hey". Then I'm moving on to the late great Stevie Ray Vaughn. Not long before he was killed in that tragic helicopter crash, my college roommate Robin and I drove to Abilene to hear him blow the roof off of their colliseum. He could make a guitar do things that I can't even mention. I'm sticking with "Live Alive" today because it takes me back to that night. There is nobody more Texas blues than Stevie Ray. My 'tude is going to kick back into high gear with Delbert McClinton, who is attitude in a terminally sexy way. He's all good times, honky tonk and in a Texas rhythm and blues way. He makes my feet move. Suzi and I went on his Sandy Beaches cruise a few years ago and dance we did. Oooooh Delbert. I'm going to throw in some Dixie Chics - they are attitude and they aren't afraid to let y'all know it. Of course, I can't go on my Texas soundwave trip without some Willie. I mean, come on! The first tape I ever bought was Willie's "Always on My Mind" was to listen to on the long road with Dad between Kermit and Cotulla, Texas (Up to that point, Dad's tape collection consisted of the Everly Brothers, The Sons of the Pioneers and Simon & Garfunkle - 8 hours of that is too much - so it was up to me to expand it.) I'll take Willie's Family Style Live because it makes me think of of that certain Halloween my cousins and I spent with Willie out at Floores in Helotes, Texas.

They say you can take the girl out of Texas, but you can't take the Texas out of the girl. Today, they are right.

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