Thursday, September 14, 2006

Broadway: The Must See List

According to Noah, my Musical Theatre Advisor, these are the upcoming shows to add to the Must See List:

* The revival of A CHORUS LINE - previews begin September 18th at the Gerald Schoenfeld

* The new musical GREY GARDENS - previews begin October 3, 2006 at the Walter Kerr (oh yeah, we're all set for this one)

* The new musical MARY POPPINS - previews begin October 14th at the New Amsterdam

* The revival of COMPANY - previews begin October 30th at the Ethel Barrymore

* The revival of THE APPLE TREE - previews begin November 28th at Studio 54

*The revival of 110 IN THE SHADE - previews begin in April at Studio 54

Let the ticket whoring begin.

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