Monday, September 11, 2006

It's a Small World Afterall

Yesterday, I uploaded a new toy to this blog called a sitemeter. Welcome to all my visitors from around the world and across the US. Don't worry: I can't see your email address, but I'm excited to know where you're from!

Los Angeles, CA
Melbourne, Australia
Woodside, NY
Nottingham, MD
Norman, OK
Dallas, TX
Bristol, RI
Colombia, MD
Kansas City, MO
Philadelphia, PA
Hightstown, NJ
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Hines, IL
Austin, TX
Boston, MA
Potomic, MD
Naperville, IL
Monterey Park, CA
Midland, TX
Houston, TX
College Station, TX
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Allentown, PA
Ringwood, NJ
Warwick, RI
Manila, The Philippines
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Lenexa, KS
Ingleside, IL
Salt Lake City, UT
Bronx, NY
Chevy Chase, MD
South Orange, NJ
Falls Church, VA
Paris, Ile-de-France
Anchorage, AK
Minneapolis, MN
Jersey City, New NJ

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