Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Meet Her at the Met

There were probably 250 or so people who showed up for Renée's cd signing (plus Lois who brought yellowed newspaper clippings, the Rolex ad, playbills, box tops...and who knows what else). A German camera crew was following Renée as she arrived at the shop through the outside plaza entrance to the Opera Shop. She entered the line and offered greetings while the crew walked behind her...she said "Hi Sarah!" which I failed to film but then I caught her walk back up the line. I told her that I would be seeing Kiri and Flicka in Paris this Saturday with Khaleem and she was very excited about that - "Oh I loved their duet at the Volpe Gala!" I asked her about Norma and she said, "I'm not sure." Our backstage friends Sue and Michael were there - it's always lovely to run into Friends of Renée! Renée departs for Italy tomorrow for her concert tour of Rome, La Scala and Lucerne. Abbia un buon viaggio Renée!

Meanwhile, the Opera Shop has reduced the price of her new cd for quick sale; I guess they can't have too many cds taking up space that could be used for more over priced tchotchkes.


HughE Dillon said...

Hmm I don't really know her work, but am a celebrity whore. Maybe I will show up there. Hey I posted the Bernadette Peters on my site and a little note about your blog. Plus today my blog is feature on ttp:// and in directly on

HughE Dillon said...

Awesome story and shots. Thanks Sarah. Hey let me tell you about your sideline column. When you post a www that is too long, or when you post a picture bigger than 400x400, it forces the column on the right to become suppressed. So to correct it you have to make your photos smaller.

Sarah B. Roberts said...

HughE - Renee is awesome - check her recordings.

It's the multiple videos that forces the sideline down...grrrr.