Thursday, November 02, 2006

Grey Gardens Opens Tonight

Grey Gardens
opens on Broadway tonight. It's a show that has everything - love, humor, pain and especially outrageousness. This is two hours of perfection not to be missed.


HughE Dillon said...

I saw Grey Garden's, and had my birth mother not lived like these girls I would have enjoyed it more. Instead I just cried.

Will try to get to opening, it's deposition crunch time. You know how that is. The dep is Tuesday so lots of prep for the rest of the week. Maybe I will get departures around 9:30 -10PM

Sarah B. Roberts said...

Depositions are of the apocalypse.

HughE Dillon said...

Grey Gardens article

HughE Dillon said...

In honor of you, I made it and wrote that on my blog.