Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The "Must See" is Growing

My Broadway Must See List is growing. Can you believe that I haven't seen a Broadway show since the first preview of Grey Gardens on October 3rd? I know. Shocking. First to make the list is Henry and Mudge which stars my friend Todd Buonopane and Jen Cody. These are two of the most fearless and funny performers around. I know this will be a fun evening to say the least. The second show to make it to The List is highly anticipated. I will be on pins and needles for Deuce and fortunately I already have a ticket for it since I am a Primary Stages subscriber. I don't know how I will stand waiting until April for this play. The most recent show to make it to The List is LoveMusik comes as a total surprise. Donna Murphy and Michael Cerveris together on the same stage - surely there will be an explosion. It will be completely sexy and incredible. I just know it. But I'll have to wait for this one until April as well.


Isn't it rich...? said...

And Company on Bway and Follies at Encores and maybe Gypsy at City Center??!!!

Sarah B. Roberts said...

Oh I've already got my tickets for Follies and I'll be seeing Company soon...and I'm just holding my breath for Gypsy.