Friday, November 03, 2006

Shout Out

My Daily Adventures always include stops at HughE's fabulous Confessions of A Celebrity Stalker etc.... HughE always has delightful pictures of celebrities of the film, music and best of all, Broadway world. He calls himself an amateur photographer, but to me he's better than most paparazzi because he truly enjoys the task at hand and clearly adores most of his subjects. Thanks HughE!


HughE Dillon said...

Aww shucks thanks. Sad news, and I haven't broken it to my readers yet, but my business is over as of Dec. 1. It is time for me to return to my life in Philadelphia. I may be back for trial in the Spring, you know how that goes, if there's not a settlement. But what a joy it was finding your blog:)

Sarah B. Roberts said...

I'm crying! Fortunately, Philly is close and don't celebs ever visit there?