Thursday, December 21, 2006

Tonight: A Concert

Apparently, the best way to spread Christmas cheer is by singing loudly for all to hear. Renée Fleming will try her best to do so at Carnegie Hall tonight. Bah hum bug.

Post concert: Okay, so not so bah hum bug afterall. Much to my chagrin, dear Cordelia was unable to attend so I scored her first row center orchestra ticket for tonight's concert. I hate that she was too ill to come, but lucky me! It was the first time I had been so close to La Diva Renée's Voice. It was not the repertoire I've been longing to hear live, but it did the trick to sooth my tired, overworked and suffering from a lack of Adventures soul...and so it did put me in the mood for a little Christmas. Hey, who doesn't need a little Christmas right now, anyway? Renée wowed us with a couple of new gowns - a glamorous black satin number with black velvet gloves and then a stunning bright redder than red number after the intermission. She not only looked like the icing on the cake, but the cherry on top! The treat of the evening was the two surprise duets with fiddler extraordinaire Mark O'Connor, who accompanied on his arrangement of Away in a Manger and Amazing Grace. Amazing Grace was perfect, beautiful and a suitable reminder to think of those less fortunate or suffering. Renée eloquently introduced the song and encouraged us to take a moment to think of loved ones and others and try to make a difference.

The backstage experience was harried and hurried. I have never seen such a mob. Renée was scheduled to do a post-concert cd signing, so when she greeted me she said "I'm sorry I have to go, they are giving me the bum's rush." Yeah, Renée, some bum you are! Wanda, her brother Tom out from LA, his friend Peggy, Sue, Sally and I did out best to keep the evening going at our new favorite joint, Seppi's. There were stories galore (good Lord, two ladies had seen the original Mame and one saw it in Philadelphia way before Broadway. Tom saw the original Sweeney Todd.) and lots of laughs. It was fun to recount how we met each other - of course, how else, but via Renée!

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