Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Eight is Enough Mom & Carrie's Gym Teacher

What is the Eight is Enough Mom and Carrie's Gym Teacher doing in a cabaret? Well, duh, she was on Broadway first and now she's doing her cabaret at Feinstein's at the Regency. How can we resist? Please, Betty Lynn Buckley do sing Memory and it will be worth the cover charge.

The next morning:
Well, Betty didn't favor us with Memory but she didn't disappoint in the least. We sat so close to the stage in the lovely room that I could read the sax player's sheet music. The sound was great and Betty's voice was gorgeous. She has velvety low notes and her high notes are like silk, especially when she slides along the scale. She practically puts the microphone down when she goes for a belt. She didn't hesitate to make eye contact. We were hoping for a little of that crazy we've heard talk of, but she was nothing but charming. There were maybe forty patrons taking in the show and it was perfect. We had no problem meeting our $40/pp quota with a great bottle of pinot noir, but I am loathe to report that even though the booze are a bit more upscale, it doesn't stop a tad of a hang over. I guess even if it is quality you still have to watch the quantity.


HughE Dillon said...

$40 pp, wow. WOW no memory, she's slipping.

Bob said...

I love it. What a wonderful night that must have been!