Monday, March 12, 2007

Tonight: A Concert

Tonight: Broadway for Medicine, a Benefit Concert for National Foundation for Facial Reconstruction

So, I can't pass up an event when Broadway singers get together to raise money for a cause, good or otherwise...but when it comes to Broadway, it's usually good. Tonight, the beneficiary was the National Foundation for Facial Reconstruction. Julie Halston, arguably the funniest woman in America, kept us in stitches in between musical numbers. Thank goodness because some of them would have put us right to sleep. But fortunately for us, three ladies saved the evening. That tiny lady with the big voice, Mimi Hines, sang The Music That Makes Me Dance . Julie astutely pointed out, "That is how you sing a song". Donna McKechnie sang The Music and The Mirror AND danced it. I scooted to the edge of my seat when I saw that she was wearing dance shoes. Best of all, Betty Buckley blew the roof off that City Center dump with With One Look and Memory. Wow, I listened to the original cast recording of Memory only about a million billion times, but tonight I heard her sing it live. Kari got it right when she said out loud, "Wow, she is a rock star."

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Anonymous said...

How amazing was tonight? I didn't know you were there. I almost died when Donna started singing AND dancing.