Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Seats Available

Thanks to people who had their fingers on the button, I already have my seats. But do you?


Anonymous said...

I have my ticket, and I'm pretty psyched! I've never seen the concert version of a show, so I watched South Pacific and Sweeney Todd in concert on DVD to get some idea of what it'll be like. And of course, it'll be my first time seeing Patti LuPone!

Bob said...

As I'm sure Sarah will tell you, this actually will be a fully staged version of the show, from what I understand. This new Encores! series differs in that way.

Sarah B. Roberts said...

I believe this one is fully staged...but that being said, this is a show that works quite well with little set. The set is really unnecesary to move the story. The story is so very strong. The 2003 revival was fairly bare as well as the Ravinia production last summer.