Saturday, August 25, 2007

Word of the Day

Today as OftheKosmos and I listened to the broadcast of Renée Fleming's recital in Keil, Germany (Hartmut Höll at the piano), he taught me a word that I always needed to know. There's this sliding sound that the voice makes, any voice, but particularly Renée's, that I love so much: it's a glissando. Oh, I just love this word.

K (3:31:33 PM): hey! are you listening to the broadcast?
SarahB (4:35:19 PM): no - where is it?
K (3:32:13 PM):
K (3:32:16 PM): just started
SarahB(4:35:57 PM): thanks!
K (3:32:33 PM): i hope sally's recording :/
K (3:32:35 PM): np
SarahB (4:36:59 PM): I hear her! Hooray! Where, when and is this live right now?
SarahB (4:37:05 PM): What language is this?
K (3:33:43 PM): lemme fwd you the program
SarahB (4:37:10 PM): the website I mean
K (3:33:52 PM): german
K (3:34:03 PM): no this is from kiel, germany
K (3:34:13 PM): the recital last week or whenever it was
SarahB (4:37:42 PM): cool
K (3:34:44 PM): she's still warming up...
SarahB (4:42:14 PM): the connection is so choppy
K (3:38:57 PM): use windows media player
K (3:39:02 PM): it's not working on realplayer
SarahB (4:42:47 PM): It was but it stopped - connecting to WM now
K (3:39:28 PM): good
SarahB (4:43:01 PM): where are you?
K (3:39:44 PM): miami, leaving tomorrow
K (3:40:46 PM): everyone's out shopping now, good timing, so can listen to this
SarahB (4:45:49 PM): fabulous
SarahB (4:45:59 PM): I just called home and got my sister to turn it on for my mother
K (3:42:54 PM): oh ^%#$%$#@!, du bist die ruh is on now...mmm
SarahB (4:47:50 PM): I'm swooning
K (3:47:35 PM): that really exceeded my expectations
SarahB (4:51:11 PM): It was so tneder
SarahB (4:51:13 PM): tender
K (3:47:49 PM): it was a perfect performance
SarahB (4:51:26 PM): I wonder what she's wearing? I love her recitals so much.
K (3:48:09 PM): she wore the cream gown
K (3:48:14 PM): this is from the 14th
SarahB (4:54:21 PM): Brahms!
K (3:51:15 PM): yeah..i fwded you the program that someone had posted
SarahB (4:55:19 PM): My email won't open but I heard the announcer say that word. You know me and my multi-lingualism
K (3:52:00 PM): Johannes Brahms
Botschaft op. 47 Nr. 1
Das Mädchen spricht op. 107 Nr. 3
Wir wandelten op. 96 Nr. 2
Junge Lieder op. 63 Nr. 5
An eine Äolsharfe op. 19 Nr. 5
Von ewiger Liebe op. 43 Nr. 1
K (3:52:33 PM): i tried looking up the texts and translations but have been unsuccessful.
SarahB (4:56:25 PM): God I wish we could hear Renee at that little hall attached to Carnegie - whatsitcalled - Sally and I saw Damrau there. Its perfect
K (3:53:27 PM): zankel
K (3:53:36 PM): i wish i could hear her at jordan hall in boston.
K (3:53:39 PM): oh no wait--
K (3:53:44 PM): you mean the smaller one..
K (3:53:47 PM): yeah..
SarahB (4:57:24 PM): Yes - it's tiny and perfect - very intimate and perfect for recitals
K (3:54:16 PM): yeah recitals ought to be in small venues
K (3:54:51 PM): i like these slow numbers with soaring lines
SarahB (4:58:20 PM): You would have loved the one at that small Catholic Univ. outside of Chicago - it was bigger than the one at Carnegie but still quite small and had an intimate feeling
SarahB (4:58:30 PM): me too
K (3:55:12 PM): i miss renee!!!
SarahB (4:58:41 PM): me too!
SarahB (4:58:46 PM): And you've seen her recently!
K (3:55:32 PM): well a couple months ago
K (3:56:05 PM): but i haven't had any other performances :/ the season will come soon though
SarahB (4:59:42 PM): poor thang
K (3:56:20 PM): haha
K (3:56:33 PM): when is your first met opera?
SarahB (5:00:37 PM): Butterfly on Oct 8th but hopefully there will be an open house for Lucia
K (3:57:19 PM): ooooh
K (3:57:32 PM): i heard that dessay will be on the new opera news - has it come out?
SarahB (5:01:07 PM): Not in my mail yet
K (3:57:47 PM): i need to subcribe
K (3:57:56 PM): subscribe
K (3:58:10 PM): if she's half as good as she was in paris, people are going to go insane
K (3:58:55 PM): that is a really great opera--the characters are well-developed and it's a great story. not the norm for bel canto...
SarahB (5:02:47 PM): I really hope it goes well - the Met is really promoting her in this - her picture as Lucia is EVERYWHERE in this city
K (3:59:31 PM): really? how cool!!
K (4:00:12 PM): the production sounds so cool...zimmerman conceived it as a victorian ghost story...spooky!
SarahB (5:03:44 PM): Sept 20 Lucia – Open House
Sept 24 Lucia – Plaza Cast (Wanda & Cordelia)
October 8 Madama Butterfly at the Met (Wanda & Cordelia)
October 11 Kiri Te Kanawa at Carnegie
November 4 Richard Tucker Gala Concert 6:00 Avery Fisher Hall
November 12 Norma at the Met
November 19 Suzy & Iphigenie Guild Talk
November 19 Barbara Cook at Avery Fisher (+ Noah)
November 7 La Traviata (+ Noah) at the Met
December 3 Renee Fleming with BSO at Carnegie
December 5 Iphigenie at the Met (Wanda & Cordelia)
December 10 War & Peace at the Met
January 10 Susan Graham at Avery Fisher (with Sally)
January 29 Manon Lescaut at the Met
Feb 11 Otello at the Met
February 17 Deborah Voigt with Met Orchestra (?)
February 26 Susan Graham at Carnegie
March 5 Audra McDonald at Avery Fisher (+ Noah)
March 12 Deborah Voigt at Carnegie
March 13 Peter Grimes Panel – Guild Talk
March 18 Tristan & Isolde at the Met
March 24 Peter Grimes at the Met
March 26 Joyce DiDonato at Rose Theatre
April 15 Nathan & Julie Gunn at Carnegie
April 21 La Fille du Regiment at the Met
April 24 Dessay & Flores Guild Talk
April 25 Bryn Terfel at Carnegie
May 1 Jessye Norman at Carnegie
May 6 Christine Brewer Stephanie Blythe et al with Philadelphia Orchestra at Carnegie
May 15 La Clemenza di Tito at the Met (Wanda & Cordelia)
May 29 Emmanuel Ax at Avery Fisher Hall (2 tix)
K (4:01:38 PM): yeah and hoell is such a fantastic accompanist, i love them together
K (4:02:18 PM): oh you got your tix for the tucker?
SarahB (5:06:26 PM): yes
K(4:03:12 PM): omg are they still available?
K (4:03:29 PM): where did you get them?
SarahB (5:07:04 PM): Go to their website - Richard Tucker Foundation
K (4:04:50 PM): you have all these tickets already?
SarahB (5:09:03 PM): Yes - except won't purchase the Carnegie tix until 9/10 when they go on sale to "friends"
K (4:07:03 PM): this is a good schedule...i only have my met tix so far. this will be a scaled back season, but still getting some great things in
SarahB (5:10:48 PM): Renee is not on the Richard Tucker website but she is on the official invitation
SarahB (5:11:05 PM): I'm very excited about this season - its the most I've done yet
K (4:07:45 PM): you have to have an invitation to buy a ticket :/
SarahB (5:11:19 PM): And that doesn't include a few Broadway shows plus concerts that I hope to see
SarahB (5:11:46 PM): No, you don't need an invitation - I just got one for being a guild member or Lincoln Center member I suppose - I'm on a million mailing lists
K (4:08:39 PM): so how did you order your ticket? was it by mail?
SarahB (5:12:40 PM): Yes - Sally, Kari and I - I sent in a check and the check cashed - not sure where we're sitting but it's at Avery Fisher so it doesn't matter that much to me just hopefully not on the side
K (4:09:38 PM): yeah this ticket would have to be ordered using a physical invitation :/
SarahB (5:13:11 PM): So call them on Monday
K (4:10:09 PM): hm. it is a really great line-up. what time is it?
SarahB (5:13:40 PM): That voice - it's so perfect to my ears
SarahB (5:13:49 PM): I think it's a 6:00 performance
SarahB (5:14:01 PM): I believe that there's a post-concert dinner or something
SarahB (5:14:14 PM): There's about 10 names or so on the invitation
SarahB (5:14:22 PM): Damrau, Suzi, Bryn...
SarahB (5:14:32 PM): It's in my office...
K (4:11:16 PM): i'm surprised they didn't put renee on the web site..
SarahB (5:14:56 PM): It looks like its not updated because other names weren't there either
K (4:12:13 PM): die nachtigall...i love this song
SarahB (5:16:06 PM): night something?
K (4:12:52 PM): nightingale
SarahB (5:16:18 PM): nightinggale?
SarahB (5:16:26 PM): yes - oh I'm so smart
K (4:13:04 PM):
K (4:14:47 PM): i don't think i'll be able to do the tucker gala, even if i can get a ticket, that is...i dunno. i can't go away every weekend. and i'll have to take the overnight train back, and i have to teach the next day. at least y'all are going, so i'll get a report. they used to televise the gala concert
SarahB (5:18:31 PM): Yuck on the overnight trip - it's hard
K (4:15:27 PM): oops i tuned out toward the end of nachtigall
K (4:15:38 PM): oh wait this is it
K (4:15:41 PM): i am so out of it haha
K (4:16:06 PM): that last note is so gorgeous
K (4:16:54 PM): renee will probably sing "bel raggio lusinghar" (sp) at the tucker
SarahB (5:22:50 PM): it's quite a line up
SarahB (5:23:19 PM): Renee isn't doing the Sills memorial - so surprised that she won't be there but she has the stupid National Symphony opening that weekend
SarahB (5:23:29 PM): or whatever it is at the KC
K (4:20:16 PM): oh she has a great program for that
SarahB (5:24:03 PM): Wanda invited us to go but it's also lang lang or pong pong or some other 2 named kid plus the orchestra and the tix were $$$$
K (4:20:50 PM): yeah $$$$ is not good...
SarahB (5:24:55 PM): I never mind paying for the top of the house but even at the top they were almost $100 and with as many performances as I am seeing I can't do everything plus travel expenses
K (4:21:56 PM): yes that's part of my problem with nyc next season
K (4:24:58 PM): what is the price range for the tucker again?
SarahB (5:28:40 PM): I think it started at $25 and went way, way up but the high price included dinner I think
SarahB (5:29:06 PM): $1000 ? Not sure - it was really expensive which is why I was so surprised about the $25 center 3rd tier choice
K (4:25:53 PM): yeah $25 is pretty cheap
SarahB (5:29:44 PM): I love to hear people speak German - it sounds humorour
SarahB (5:29:48 PM): humorous
K (4:26:28 PM): they're lucky that all those stars will be in new york
K (4:26:37 PM): you heard the crumb in chicago?
SarahB (5:30:08 PM): ick
K (4:26:46 PM): i haven't heard it live?
K (4:26:53 PM): oh i love it
K (4:27:03 PM): i didn't mean to put a "?"
SarahB (5:31:25 PM): That's when Renee put me on the spot in front of all of those people. She wanted to know what I thought of it. I said, uh, uh, uh, it's interesting. It was my first time to ever hear it, Renee, so maybe I need to hear it again. Mary Nell took a picture of Renee listening to me - it's hysterical. Her hands are on her hips and it looks like she's about to scold me.
K (4:28:17 PM): i remember that photo
SarahB (5:32:09 PM): That's also when she offered to lend me her jewelry, "but I borrowed it myself, so too bad!"
K (4:29:47 PM): oh i love this poem,
K (4:29:58 PM): when lilacs last in the ...
SarahB (5:33:25 PM): It sounds so strange to me
K (4:30:05 PM): it's about abraham lincoln
SarahB (5:33:51 PM): The log cabin rebublican? wink wink
K (4:30:58 PM): can you imagine the partying that the singers will have after the tucker gala?
K (4:31:09 PM): too bad hampson won't be there
SarahB (5:34:58 PM): God - it will probably be late into the night - and with Bryn and Suzi there no telling what all will go on - ahhaha - I was just about to say the same thing about Hampson
K (4:32:03 PM): yeah totally
K (4:32:29 PM): there's a high d in this piece somewhere
SarahB (5:38:11 PM): wow
K (4:34:57 PM): i think i just heard it
K (4:35:03 PM): i really love this piece
SarahB (5:48:19 PM): I think it's finally growing on me
K (4:45:22 PM): yeah it really suits the texts, it's so stimulating
K (4:46:09 PM): i'm really craving a renee recital..she doesn't have a tour lined up this season. i hope she'll do some in 08-09.
SarahB (5:49:49 PM): I bet she will
SarahB (5:50:01 PM): Does she have another album coming out soon?
K (4:46:51 PM): it's nice to hear the korngold without the orchestra. i love the orchestra but it's great to hear the voice like this
K (4:47:12 PM): um i don't think anything's lined up
SarahB (5:51:14 PM): Oh with the orchestra its incredible but sometimes it's difficult to hear it like it is with just piano
K (4:49:00 PM): this piece dips low, and with the orchestra she has to use chest to be heard
K (4:49:12 PM): do you like "summertime"?
K (4:49:16 PM): i'm kind of over it :/
SarahB (5:52:46 PM): yes
SarahB (5:53:01 PM): Oh I love this one!
K (4:49:40 PM): "caecilie" is the best encore ever
K (4:49:59 PM): she sings it up a half-step
SarahB (5:53:36 PM): I wish the volume was louder!
K (4:50:20 PM): mine is pretty loud
SarahB (5:53:57 PM): mine isn't
SarahB (5:54:06 PM): sniff
K (4:50:45 PM): here it comes--i love the ending
SarahB (5:54:53 PM): Brava brava!!!! It's like a, well you know what it's like.
K (4:51:48 PM): yup
K (4:52:32 PM): oh *&%^&^$@! morgen...i need to close my eyes
SarahB (5:56:12 PM): shhh me too
K (4:52:58 PM): ok, closing eyes
K (4:56:49 PM): ok i'm really glad i wasn't there, bc i would have died
SarahB (6:00:34 PM): sigh
K (4:57:21 PM): "summertime" is a nice antidote to that
SarahB (6:01:10 PM): the antithesis though
K (4:58:43 PM): morgen makes you feel elevated, it's so tranquil and precious....summertime makes you relax
SarahB (6:02:17 PM): absolutely
K (4:58:53 PM): she's gonna do some crazy improv on "until"
K (4:59:18 PM): yeah, she went up an octave. i like that
SarahB (6:02:51 PM): Love it!
SarahB (6:03:19 PM): that's my favorite! The slide down!
SarahB (6:03:21 PM): Yes!
K (4:59:59 PM): she used to use a classical approach to this, but lately she's been singing it with a jazzy approach
K (5:00:18 PM): yeah the glissando
SarahB (6:03:44 PM): I know it irritates a lot of people but I don't care - I love it
SarahB (6:03:53 PM): Oh glissando - love that word!


Anonymous said...

My, my! You two were quite busy yesterday afternoon. Weill is the small hall attached to Carngie, where we heard Damrau. It's smaller than Zankel.

BroadwayBaby said...

Oh! I am jealous! I miss Renee, too!