Monday, September 10, 2007

Annual Carnegie Ticket Scramble

Carnegie Hall, here we come. We got what we wanted. TICKETS! We spent the rest of the day lunching at Ralph's, sight seeing on 9th Avenue, browsing at Triton Gallery, and finally sipping Bloody Mary's at Angus McInDoe's.

This is Greg, the most wonderful usher in New York City, possibly in the world, helping a patron on opening individual ticket sales day.

This lady in the yellow sweater was at the box office for well over an hour buying tickets for almost every single performance. She took a little nap while her tickets were printing. She also brought her cat with her. No kidding.

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of the kosmos said...

Weird...I saw all five of them in Paris (and in three cases, lots of other places too) last season. Sigh...

Very cool report!