Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Beautiful Day for Bubbles - A Tribute to Beverly Sills

We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day for Beverly Sills. Outside the atmosphere was festive and exciting. The waiting time went by quickly and the reward of bloody mary's at O'Neals was deserved. We were interviewed by NY1. We even saw a few of our favorite characters (not fictional). Inside there was more of the same. We saw Nicole Cabell standing online with the rest of us. Inside, we saw Candice Bergen, Hal Prince, Mary Lou Falcone, Barbara Cook, Barbara Walters. Opera geeks, freaks, socialites and celebrities gathered to pay tribute with song, film clips, stories, applause and mostly laughter. It was good to be back inside the Met. Everybody spoke from their heart of Beverly, especially Barbara Walters and Carol Burnett. Everybody made us laugh, as apparently Beverly had made them laugh. Kissinger drew a small protest from a very old man in our row who started screaming, "He has blood on his hands." He was promptly removed, really disrupting nothing. The afternoon ended with a slide show of pictures of Bubbles during with the soundtrack of Allons! adieu, notre
petite table
. We're just a week away from Opening Night now. And I think Miss Sills would have approved of a day for her so near the beginning of the season.

8:00 am

9:00 am

10:00 am

Not Nicole Cabell, but a lookalike

12:00 pm

1:00 pm

1:05 pm

4:00 pm

7:00 pm

While we were standing around inside by the box office, we were watching La Renee interview Anna during the broadcast of Puritani, when Anna herself sped by me. I wasn't sure if it was her, but followed for a second and watched her run down the stairs then saw her profile. A woman coming up the stairs confirmed that it was her. She was wearing a beautiful purple dress, spike heels, looked extremely tall and glamorous and smelled terrific. Her perfume lingered in the air. Onstage, she was poured into a sort of suit dress that was so tight she had difficulty with her diva bow. She sang "Nightingale and the Rose" very subdued and quite wonderfully.


Anonymous said...

And, of course, Lurch was back in the lobby where he belongs. And Heide was out front begging for a ticket. Let the season begin.

Bob said...

Awesome - Sally's a star!

And mmm bloody mary.

Anonymous said...

This is a very nice posting, but as Nicole Cabell's manager, I can assure you that the lady you photographed was not she! Actually, Nicole was in Washington DC in-between shows of "La Bohème". So, sorry, that was not a Nicole Cabell sighting!
Michael Benchetrit, CAMI

Sarah B. Roberts said...

Thanks Michael! Nicole has a twin! Thanks for letting us know - I thought it was interesting that she would be waiting in line with "the little people".

mahmuhmia said...

As Michael said, I can assure you this isn't my baby--and I should know! mom

Sarah B. Roberts said...

Dear Terri (Nicole's Mom) - Welcome! I guess we should have asked this girl to sing a note or two, and then we would have known for sure!

Anonymous said...

OMG now you're famous? I hope you don't start charging me a friend tax. Nicely done, ladies.