Sunday, March 16, 2008

La Scala @ 95th & Broadway

Blogoddess Opera Chic has kept us informed about Mariella Devia in Maria Stuarda, but now Sally and I get a chance to see it in HD at the movies right here on the upper west side.

Oh my goodness, I need to hear the incredible voice of Mariella Devia live in person as soon as possible! She is THRILLING! Beyond THRILLING! Folks, this was a movie (!) and the audience was gasping, cheering and applauding her as if she was right in the room with us. The entire opera was good, but this was definitely Mariella's story. I love any incarnation of the story of Queen Elizabeth I and her sister Mary Stuart, but I was never a fan of Mary Stuart before. Mariella made me love her and route for her. She is around 60 years old and her coloratura is clear as a bell, unbelievably high and seemingly effortless. There's an encore performance at Symphony Space this Thursday and I really may have to go again. If you want to be thrilled, you'll go too!

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