Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Tonight: Ernani at the Metropolitan Opera

Tonight: Ernani

Composer: Giuseppi Verdi
Librettist: Francesco Maria Piave
Conductor: Roberto Abbado
Elvira: Sondra Radvanovsky
Ernani: Marcello Giordani
Don Carlo: Thomas Hampson
de Silva: Ferruccio Furlanetto

This one was old-school - huge, elaborate sets, gorgeous costumes and one crazy plot. Note to Elvira: avoid a three way and if the King wants you, go for it, otherwise, you're in for a very bad ending. Sondra Radvanovsky has a BIG voice and it's beautiful. Thomas Hampson looked very regal and looks good in tights too. Furlanetto seemed to be a crowd favorite. Eh, another old man with a deep bass voice. Giordani was boring as usual. The men's chorus had to work the hardest - changing costumes at least four times during the 2nd act alone.

ORCHESTRA SEATS FOR TWENTY BUCKS! What a bargain! Two hundred orchestra seats are available for $20 each Monday through Thursday but hopefuls for such tickets line up hours in advance - some times six to eight hours depending on the opera and the star, of course. That's not something I can do, gee thanks Boss, but Sally can. She lined up today at 3:30. Thanks Sally! So, you want in on this? Get on line yourself or get your own Sally, you can't have mine.

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