Sunday, May 11, 2008


Dear Mr. Producer, Please move No, No Nanette to Broadway as fast as you can. It's ready: cast, choreography, music, costumes, the whole shebang. You know you want to be happy but you can't be happy until you make me happy! Do it! I promise that I'll come see it again and again and again and I'll bring all of my friends to see it, especially if you bring Sandy Duncan and Beth Leavel with it.

Love, SarahB xoxo

P.S. Be sure to watch some rehearsal on Rosie's blog here

*photo by Sara Krulwich/TheNew York Times


Unknown said...

Isn't Sandy D. 70 or something? Wow, now that's a show I could get a kick out of....

Glad you enjoyed it.

Sarah B. Roberts said...

She's 62 - the same age that Ruby Keeler was in the '71 revival.

I remember you loved Thoroughly Modern Millie - this one was similar roaring '20s fare which translates to BIG FUN.