Thursday, June 19, 2008

Overheard in the Theatre

Man to Wife: Patti Lupone was in Evita. I think that's Sondheim. Early Sondheim.

During intermission at Gypsy , the St. James Theatre, 6/17/08


Anonymous said...

I love overhearing ridiculous things while sitting in a theater. My favorite was this one time at Annie Get Your Gun. Some couple was arguing over Bernadette Peters regarding whether or not she had been married to Steve Martin.

Another time I was at Thoroughly Modern Millie, and these young teenage girls were there. Rather sassily, one said, "This Sutton girl is so pathetic. She put in her bio that she was on Regis and Kelly. How sad that she has to make things up." She was definitely not being sarcastic.

BroadwayBaby said...

Ha! Tuesday night, the couple behind me were reading Patti's bio and said "Huh, so she WASN'T the one in Cats!"

"Really, she wasn't in Cats?"

"No... She was in Les Miz though."

Sarah B. Roberts said...

At least they got the Les Miz part right.

Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

Sarah, Whenever I hear something that ridiculous, I can't help myself. I have to let them know. I have no qualms...

Anonymous said...

Overhead in the ticket-holders line to A Catered Affair:

WOMAN 1: You know, I've never seen this show before.

WOMAN 2: I think that's because it's new.

Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

Overheard at the Tonys:

"So what's actually on that coin?"

"What coin?"

"You know, that coin for the award."

"You mean 'medallion'?"

"Oh, yeah, whatever."

Kevin Daly said...

One of my favorites stems from post-Pygmalion -

"That was based on 'My Fair Lady', you know."

The other was said after the closing performance of the Bernadette "Gypsy" -

Middle-aged harpie from the provinces: "Oh, she'll win the Tony for sure."

Bob said...

Sarah - did you laugh out loud, or simply shake your head?

Oh, and let's not forget about that entertainment journalist who said that David Hess was in "The Last House on the Left."

Anonymous said...

I've often thought that a book collecting these little tidbits could be a great hit--sort of a theatre version of the old Stan Mack's Real Life Funnies that ran in the Village Voice. One of you creative/entrepreneurial types should put something together and shop it around. I can actually see it becoming a cult classic in theatre circles. It's such a rich vein of humor.