Friday, July 25, 2008

1:55 to 2:35

Hair is playing at the Delacort Theatre in Central Park until August 31st. As far as the 1979 movie of Hair goes, 48 seconds is enough for me. The voice in minutes 1:55 to 2:35 of the clip is not the voice of the Asian girl you see. It's Betty Buckley. It's FIERCE! And the best discovery this week is that Buckles will be performing two shows nightly from September 23rd to 27th at Birdland.


jiva said...

Interesting clip. Lot of water under the bridge, as they say.

Esther said...

I love "Hair." I just wish I could see it in the park this summer. Ok, the story is dated, but I love the music. (Well, most of it, anyway).

Alicia said...

Thanks to Seth for sharing that bit of info... I love, love, love HAIR and felt like such an insider when he deconstructed "Walking In Space".

Are you going to the Delacorte show? I'm there next week... YAY!

Hula Hank said...

I love Hair. My dream role is Claude... you know, if i could sing or act.

As far as the movie, well whatever. It is all about the music and the music was fiercely performed.

My fav bit though, is Nell Carter in White Boys. She gives the most hilarious look right after she sings the lyrics "legs so long and lean..."

I watch and rewatch those 2 seconds about 100 times a week.

Margo said...

I've only been able to see the movie, so that's all I know. I love it though - now you've made me want to see it again!