Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Marquee Value

Finally, the fall season on Broadway is just about upon us. Most of the marquees are up and showing off - but see below, All My Sons is in progress. Not ready with the marquees yet are Dividing the Estate (which I definitely will see), and Speed the Plow. The first up and already going in previews is A Tale of Two Cities which began last night. My friend Steve at Steve on Broadway already took the time to give us a preview of each of these productions:

1. A Man for All Seasons - Previews September 12th, Opens October 7th
2. White Christmas - Previews November 14th, Opens November 23rd
3. Pal Joey - Previews November 14th, Opens December 11th
4. All My Sons - Previews September 18th, Opens October 16th
5. Billy Elliot - Previews October 1st, Opens November 13th
6. A Tale of Two Cities - Previews October 19th, Opens September 18th
7. 13 - Previews September 16th, Opens October 5th
8. Equus - Previews September 5th, Opens September 25th
9. The Seagull - Previews September 16th, Opens October 1st

Of these nine shows, I plan to see A Man for All Seasons, White Christmas, Pal Joey, All My Sons and Billy Elliot. The rest I'm ambivalent about, but I wouldn't turn away a free ticket.


Esther said...

These look great! I always liked that quote from Michael Bennett underneath "A Chorus Line." I'll be sorry to see it go.

Anonymous said...

Billy Elliot! I want to go when I'm in NYC. Will you go with me?


Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

My eyes adore you, Sarah!