Thursday, September 04, 2008

Oh my God you guys, I saw Legally Blonde last night!

I was minding my own business in my office last night when one of the lawyers ran in and asked me to take his ticket to see Legally Blonde. He was stuck working on the deal and couldn't leave to meet his wife there - it's just around the block from us, but you know that whole blood in the water thing about lawyers - anyway, I went because I figured why not. I saw it early on in previews but was so close to the stage I couldn't see the dogs or anybody's feet which was weird. It was a cute show but I never needed to go back. Last night, I actually liked it and was glad I went. The new "Elle", played by Bailey Hanks, was cast on a talent search show on MTV. She looked like any other blonde who could play the role. Her singing was fine and she was cute which I think is all that is needed for a role like this. This role could have easily been recast by normal methods, but I do think the producers were smart to work with MTV to keep their show going. Of course, the role of "Elle" was originated by Laura Bell Bundy and I think she's anything but ordinary, but still, it's the role itself that doesn't call for much. Fortunately, Bailey's stage speaking voice is a little more controlled and not so high and baby-ish (which I HATE). Orfeh practically stole the show - which I thought the first time I saw it. I wish she had a show more appropriate to showcase her talent and her voice that just knocks everybody out. The chorus girls and the guy who played "Warner", Richard H. Blake, were ridiculous with their attempts at melisma - it only detracted from the lyrics - not that the lyrics have much to do with anything anyway. The best part is the bottom of the first act when "Elle" discovers herself with "So Much Better" - that is the great moment in the show. I'm surprised this doesn't have a bigger audience but I guess it's limping along. There were certainly some Bailey Hanks fans there, as evidenced by their uncontrollable high pitched squealing. During intermission, I overheard two older middle aged men telling each other that they liked it...yeah, the chorus girls in the short shorts? Okay, I'm cynical. They were there with their young daughters, which I love - seeing families bringing their daughters out for a special night in the theatre. Overall, it was a fun, feel-good, girl-power show that is as peppy and pop as they come.


Bob said...

OH, to have a coworker breeze in and give you a gift of the theatre. For FREE. And Legally Blonde! You are touched, my dear.

I agree - So Much Better is a very very good first act closing song.

jiva said...

What a great song! Sounds like what you were telling me today!
Got it. :)

Hula Hank said...

So like, did you then technically become his "replacement date" for the wife?????

Was she aware or did you just show up at the theatre and sit down next to her and break the news??