Thursday, November 20, 2008

Riding the Bus with Trixie

I may have told you that Joyce Randolph is my neighbor. I often see her returning from a night on the town. Joyce was Trixie in the original The Honeymooners. Last night, she was studying her Pal Joey playbill. As is usually the case, the bus was full of post-theatre folks discussing the various shows they just saw. A man asked Joyce, "How about that Stockard Channing?" She said, "Oh yes, and who knew that Martha Plimpton could sing and dance." The man's wife said, "But what did you think about Christian Hoff's singing?" She very classily responded, "The show was great."


Bob said...

Now I want to know how the show was from YOUR perspective. I know nothing of Hoff.

Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

You are brilliant, Sarah! Love Joyce, too!

Sarah B. Roberts said...

Well, hmmm, Pal Joey...well...I loved Martha Plimpton! She was fabulous singing ZIP. Stockard Channing's gowns were ultra glam and she looked ultra glam in them. It was great to see Paul Gemignani conducting! There were about 15 members of the orchestra! I liked the neon signs! I expected more for the lead character! We only paid $10 for mid mezz seats! I won't say anything else until closer to opening and/or after I see it again with SOB in December.