Tuesday, November 04, 2008

We're nervously partying on the upper west side, and down in Times Square it's....

CASSOULET FOREVER! And we're glued to the tv in hopes of seeing our favorite suttonhoo who's celebrating at Grant Park in Chicago!


TOMHTML said...

It's a joke made by French TV :)

Anonymous said...

And a hilarious one, indeed.
The guy started showing "Hi Mom!" signs behind interviewees the days before, then he decided to say: "Mom, your cassoulet is the best!", like "Porridge forever", if you want.
But you prolly already figured it out. ^^
Anyway, the vid is here : http://www.canalplus.fr/c-humour/pid2397-c-le-petit-journal.html

Oh and congrats, USA!!!

suttonhoo said...

the untold story of the evening is that we got lousy seats because I insisted on eating first. (at a french restaurant where I *could* have had cassoulet but opted instead for the duck.)

it's important not to be hungry when ushering in change.