Saturday, December 20, 2008

Today: Met Opera at the Movies

Today, I'm packing a knapsack and a compass and am heading down to Chelsea to see Thaïs broadcasted live in HD to the silver screen.

WOW! I loved Thaïs on the big screen. None of the factors that I found distracting when I saw it in the house last week were an issue for me today. The stage actually looked like terra cotta. It was all too beautiful - especially La Diva Renée. Both she and Tommy looked flawless. The Met wig department and costumers are a marvel. Placido Domingo was the host and was quite entertaining. The Chelsea Clearview was packed and enthusiastic. Just after Concert Master David Chan finished playing the Meditation, the fire alarms went off in the theatre. Finally, a fireman came in to check. It was quite funny seeing him walk in front of the screen. The scene that followed was the smoke pouring out of Nicias' house. I couldn't help but get tickled.

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Anonymous said...

David Chan brought the House down--he is the Talk of Thais--where can I obtain his CD, and is there a CD for Thais (ReneeFleming and Thomas Hampson and Cond. Jesus Lopez Cobos) I want to hear David Chan play the Meditation again and again!!