Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Daniel Craig would do Broadway (and we'd do...)

Regis: Would you like to do Broadway here in New York?
Daniel: I would, I'd love to, yeah.
Kelly: No kidding?!
Daniel: Yeah. I would.
Kelly: And you think that's something that might be in your future?
Daniel: Um, it could be. I would, I mean I'd like to make that happen.
Kelly: It would be great for Broadway.
Daniel: It would be great for me.

Daniel Craig, Live with Regis & Kelly, 1/14/09


Guinness said...

start a rumor and see what happens!!! Right now in time, Broadway would go insane! i would travel 7 hours in 4 feet of snow on the interstates, stand in line for days to get in, and they can charge what ever they want for a ticket, i would be there to watch whatever role he would play. i know at least 18 women who would be with me. whadda say DC?~guinness

Leah said...

I'm totally with you, Guinness!! ;D

jiva said...

I'm in.