Friday, January 09, 2009

Last Thais at the Met last night

It was nothing less than thrilling for me this time. I had a great family circle seat - G101 which is on the aisle and is smack dead center. I still don't love the set, but the colors seemed less jarring and I was expecting it so I wasn't distracted. I also spent time with my eyes closed, just taking in this gorgeous, gorgeous score. The pre-show and post-show antics added to the festivities - reconnecting with old friends and meeting new which are both my favorite part. "The good news is that we might revive this," said La Diva Renée, backstage...then mimiced a bent over old lady as she added, "Of course, I'll be decrepid by then."


Tyler Barton said...

I just noticed that you put my blog on your Daily Adventures list. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

HAHA.. Renee is so funny!!! She'll look and sound gorgeous no matter her age! I'm so happy you were able to go to this and experience such magic :)