Monday, January 12, 2009

Quote of the Day

"I love this part of the show because I used to get to come out, and the witch finally got to show her heart. She wasn’t arch, she wasn’t old and ugly, she wasn’t beautiful and wicked and arch, because she was the voice of reason. And here she was allowed to be the voice of reason with her heart that made so much sense. And it’s such a wonderful message to hear and true. Just so true. I used to love to come out and sing the truth."

Bernadette Peters, On Children Will Listen from Into the Woods on the Sony BMG Masterwords Podcast for The Story So Far.


karigee said...

Oh, this always gives me chills.

Patti Ann said...

i played a stepsister in this show, and every time this song started i cried on stage.

Leah said...

All week I have been trying to remember what song I sang from "Into the Woods." I finally remembered!! It was "No One is Alone." :)