Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Sweet Smell of....revealed!

The smell of maple syrup in Manhattan is revealed! From WNYC: Mayor Bloomberg says sleuths from agencies in the city and New Jersey have identified the source of the mysterious maple syrup smell that would pop up from time to time, usually on the Upper West Side. The source: a facility in Hudson County that has processed foenugreek seeds to produce flavors and fragrances that resulted in esters being formed in the air....The Mayor declares the case closed and says the smell was never a danger, but the city investigated because you can never be too sure. I kind of liked not knowing the truth.


Kevin Daly said...

Agreed. It was more fun as one of those inexplicable quirks of city life. However, I'm more amused that there was an investigation for the official record.

Your Blue Friend said...

At least it is nice to know I won't be eaten by huge aliens craving pancakes.