Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tonight: Peter Grimes at the Washington National Opera

Tonight: Britten's Peter Grimes at the Washington National Opera
Peter Grimes Christopher Ventris
Ellen Orford Patricia Racette
Captain Balstrode Alan Held
Auntie Ann McMahon Quintero
Swallow Daniel Okulitch
1st Niece Micaëla Oeste
2nd Niece Emily Albrink
Bob Boles David Cangelosi
Mrs. Sedley Myrna Paris
Rev. Horace Adams Robert Baker
Ned Keene Keith Phares
Conductor Ilan Volkov
Director Paul Curran


chelsea said...

I might be going back for seconds on this one...

chelsea said...

...and I did. Honestly thought I was going to hate this opera, but I really enjoyed it. The singing, the orchestration, the chorus - it all just comes together for a winner.