Sunday, April 05, 2009

A First Timer's Take on Bernadette at Symphony Hall

From: Cristine
To: Sarah B.
Sent: Sun Apr 05 13:07:54 2009
Subject: WOW - WOW - WOW!


I had the best time - I am blown away. Part of it is that she is so petite - where does that voice and personality come from inside such a small person??!! I wish I had it on tape to watch again. I was just mesmerized!

And don't laugh at me - now I cannot remember the song that made me cry! (See I am too tired!) Not the very last song of the evening, but the first one. Yes, it is your job to keep track of my crying! Everything was so overwhelming, I've lost track.

It's funny - O Shenandoah really stands out because it is one of my favorite songs! And I gathered that was a new one for her.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

This is from my friend Cristine who lives in Boston. When I had an extra ticket, she accompanied us to see Bernadette sing Symphony Hall last night. Those of us who follow Bernadette on her concert tour have seen it all time and time again, yet it's always comforting and satisfying, always a great time. To sit beside a first timer was like being there the first time myself. Every joke and bit of schtick was funny and every song was extra special. Symphony Hall was bursting with a very excited audience and Bernadette sang the hell out of every tune, especially Not a Day Goes By, Move On, and Being Alive. She even sang Johanna with the fabulous Sweeney Todd intro from the giant organ. What a thrill!

"This is my back!

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Tyler Barton said...


This must have been a splendid affair. Did Bernadette sing anything from the Rodgers and Hammerstein canon? I thoroughly enjoyed her Richard Rodgers recording, especially "If I Loved You."

I am glad she included Sondheim in her program, as if she could not, so well does she sing it. I am not as well acquainted with her artistry as I could be, but I like what I have enjoyed thus far.