Friday, June 26, 2009

Coppery pink cotton ball sky over Broadway


Tyler Barton said...


Forgive me that I have not commented on any of your late posts, but, as I explain in my most recent post, I have been extremely preoccupied.

First, allow me to say that the photos you have provided are beautiful. For all of the people who believe that one cannot see past the smog in New York City, I think you have just changed their minds.

In your most recent comment, you said that you and Chelseas had been talking about me recently. I am glad to hear it, and I am more than a trifle flattered that two distinguished ladies, whom I have never personally met, were discussing me in some context. This course of thought led me to the inevitable question of what you could possibly be conversing upon since neither of you know me very well unless my posts betray more of my personal life than I have knowingly presented. Nevertheless, I am pleased to know that I am the subject of the thoughts of others.

Finally, as for that inquiry as to when I shall experience NYC for myself, I am afraid that, even so much as I should like to, I do not know when I shall make a trip there. It is my secret wish to go next year to see Renee Fleming in "Armida," and since I have procured a position of employment that would allow me to purchase tickets and accomodations while I stay there, something tells me that my parents would not look favorably on such a "frivolous whim." Being 19 and yet unable to drive a car, through no fault of my own, does limit one on what one can do and where they may go. My theatre group is planning a trip there next summer, but the Met will be closed by then, and that and hopefully meeting Renee Fleming while seeing her perform (I know, I am a guy, and guys are not supposed to evision such things.), are my top two reasons for going. Since I am not certain that I could go again for quite some time after that, if I could even acompany them in the first place, I would rather try for that than to go in the summer. When I do eventually go, I will look you up to meet you personally; one never knows, we might become better friends.


Sarah B. Roberts said...

Hi Tyler - it's good to hear from you. Honestly, we rarely have smog here in NYC - we don't have the carbon footprint that other cities have, like Houston and LA.

As far as coming to NYC, if you want to come, then come. You can't drive here anyway - well you could, but it's not practical. Book a room at the YMCA (, book a flight to La Guardia, book a ticket at the Met. Take a cab to the OK City airport. Take a cab from LGA to the Y. Go see the opera. Have a friend who can introduce you to La Diva. See the city. It's easy as pie. What does being 19 have to do with it? Nothing. You're old enough to vote, you're old enough to serve in the military. It's time to stand up as an adult to your parents. You're certainly old enough to say, "I'm going on vacation. See you in a week." As far as the guys not being supposed to want to see an opera singer - I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about. I know plenty, plenty of men who love opera and would love to meet Renee, and any other singer.

Gumption, Tyler, gumption!

Roxie said...

We had that very same sky over NJ!!

Xtine said...

Wasn't that sky amazing! I took photos as well when I was on the ferry to Staten Island.
Cottenballs were my first thought as well :)