Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Boot Scootin' on Broadway in 2010

I'm gonna be dustin' off my ropers to get ready to boot scoot on Broadway when the new musical Pure Country comes to town. Pure Country is being developed into a stage musical from the 1992 film of the same name which starred George Strait. It wasn't a great movie, but the music was undeniably great to any country fan, especially this George Strait fan.

Joe Nichols has been cast in the George Strait role. Today, producers announced that Lorrie Morgan will make her debut as his manager, campishly played in the movie by Leslie Ann Warren.

As far as the book goes, bookwriters Rex McGee (who also wrote the movie) & Peter Masterson
have a lot of room for improvement. I could be grumpy about yet another sub-par movie (even if it was a hit - hello, Wedding Singer, 9 to 5, Legally Blonde... - being made into a musical, but I won't be with this one if the music is as great as it was in the movie. Steve Dorff on music and John Bettis on lyrics have a lot to live up to. In fact, Joe Nichols has a lot to live up to - in the Country Music world, especially in Texas, George Strait is known as King George. Word on a premier date is coming soon.

George Strait in Pure Country:

Lorrie Morgan:

Joe Nichols:


chelsea said...

My favorite Joe Nichols: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqv-2emERFw

Obviously he has big shoes (or hat) to fill b/c GS is, like you said, King George, but Nichols is pretty solid, quite charismatic, and not too shabby looking either. I've never seen the movie (surprisingly), but I'd go see this w/ you!

My favorite Lorrie Morgan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwC5xfh4nfE

Unknown said...

Huh, sounds interesting especially with John Bettis involved. Great overlooked songwriter.

Joseph Gomez said...

oh this movie is bad. oh the soundtrack is wonderful.

i like joe nichols as a country singer.

very curious about this. and yes, george is king.

Bob said...

Yeeee Haw!