Sunday, October 18, 2009

"Catherine, you keep your Oscar, and I'll keep my vamp"

Chita is so sparkley! SOB and I were smiling ear to ear as she knocked one after another out of the ballpark. Intersperced with great stories (oh sure, we heard some of them in The Dancer's Life and in her previous cabaret outings, but I'll gladly listen again and again), the songs were I won't Dance, a West Side Story medley, A Bye Bye Birdy medley, My Wish for You, I Don't Remember You, Where You Are, Kiss of the Spiderwoman, Let's Make Love, Sweet Charity, Camille, Collette, Fifi, It Was Not Exactly Paris, Carousel, Love and Love Alone, More Than You Know, The Dancer's Life, No Class, Chief Cook and Bottlewasher, Chicago, Circle of Friends. The encores were Nowadays and All That Jazz. She's quite the raconteur: "Did anybody hear there's going to be a Spiderman musical? I wonder if they know there was a Spiderwoman first?" Yes! Segue into Where You Are. That's perfection. The best stories came in relation to Chicago and working with Kander and Ebb. She said Catherine Zeta-Jones was at opening night of this show at Birdland. Play the video to hear the brilliance.


Esther said...

Those pictures are great - especially the last two! So glad you and the SOB had a good time. I loved listening to the stores in The Dancer's Life, so I know what you mean. I'd listen again, too.

Unknown said...

Uh, I adore her. Snagged a few of those pins during the run of A Dancer's Life. Great video Sarah!