Thursday, December 17, 2009

DiVaR Alert: Renée Fleming

Tomorrow (Friday), Renée Fleming appears on The Martha Stewart Show - watch her kickit with rapper Snoop Dogg and bake spritz sugar cookies with Martha (11am onNBC in NYC).
For a second dose of holiday sweetness, tune in to hear Renée sing "Nel suoamore rianimata" accompanied by Gerald Martin Moore on The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson this Monday, December 21 (12:35am on CBS in NYC).


Tyler Barton said...


You might like to know that the January issue of Opera News has a review of the Met's run of Der Rosenkavalier and a review of the DVD recording of the same opera in which she and Sophie Koch recently starred in Europe. One or the other of these reviews' authors, for I cannot recall which it was, began to mention that Renee's voice is beginning to sound aged and weak in her lower middle register, and I thought that you, who are blessed to see her perform rather often, might be able to enlighten us as to the veracity of this comment. I also have a rather selfish motive to knowing your opinion, which is that I long to see Fleming perform live, and I should like to see her do so in an opera as opposed to a concert, but I do not wish to believe that her voice is deteriorating! I suppose my denial is so voiciferous because I have never seen her perform live, and I should not like to think that I had missed the spectacle.

Thank you for alerting us to Fleming's television appearances, and it may be some consolation to you to understand that Renee Fleming's Verismo CD was picked as one of the best recital discs of 2009 by the editors of Opera News.

Sarah B. Roberts said...

Hey Tyler, yes, I'm a Guild Member at the Met so I receive a subscription to Opera News, but thank you for pointing these items out. I don't notice any deterioration - she's one of the best. I've seen her perform live many times and will at least several times in 2010. Why don't you go to the HD Broadcast on January 9th and decide for yourself whether or not you think her voice has deteriorated.

(I'm not sure I need to be consoled on anything, but thanks)