Friday, January 22, 2010

Time Traveling with Tyne Daly at Feinstein's at the Regency

This week, Tyne Daly embarked on her second round of cabaret at Feinstein's at the Regency. Aptly titled The Second Time Around, Tyne's show is a travel through time - both in song and experience. Having enjoyed Tyne's show there last May and wanting to share Feinstein's with my mother, I jumped at the opportunity when I was invited by Feinstein's to see her on Tuesday night.

With a delicious combination of warmth and drollness, Tyne took us on a 90 minute journey celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Feinstein's and glimpses into her own life. She found opportunities to share a song from the 13th century to tunes all the way up to the 1970s, one moment having us cheer along with her cheerleader fantasy and the next knocking us dead with her French cabaret singer fantasy.

Every bit of repartee lead to song choice that thrilled.  She's a bit of a song collector and historian and seems to revel in the obscure.  She ended her set with a medly of songs from Jerry Herman's Dear World. She said, "If I were running the zoo, I would mount a production of Dear World." Indeed, she already has the part nailed and we'd be the lucky ones. Tyne is one of those actresses who sings, therefore turning each song into a highly satisfying mini drama or comedy as necessary. She is a mesmerizing performer and she fairly sparkles with her silver hair and mischeviously inviting smile.

We were invited to visit Tyne backstage after the show.   While enjoying a glass of champagne, we visited with some press types and Polly Bergen, a thrill for my Mom whose favorite movie is The Winds of War, in which Polly starred.   As for Tyne, she's everything you want her to be.    I sincerely hope that Tyne will be able to record a selection of songs from this cabaret as well as the previous - to hear her rendition over and over again would be a joy.   (In fact, I wanted to hear Tyne again so much that I accompanied Karigee back to Feinstein's last night!)

Tyne is accompanied by John McDaniel, who is leading a quintet that keeps up with her musical journey with no small amount of humor and voracity, jumping genres easily. Tyne appears through Saturday night, January 30th at Feinsteins' at the Regency, Park Avenue at 61st Street. Tickets can be purchased online or by calling 212-339-4095. The cover is pricey, but worth it for this distinctly classy New York venue.

(Photo by Rebecca Davis)

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Unknown said...

Good Gravy! After having grown up watching every show Tyne ever did on tv (what else was there to do on the Iowa farm read a book?!) I can imagine the DRAMA involved in your visit to Feinsteins with your mom. Hello to Miss Sarah btw. When will y'all pass through O'hare? It's time, it's time, did she just say it's time....