Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy Birthday to Roxie Zeek!

Happy Birthday to my lovely young friend Roxie Zeek!  

I had heard her named bandied about for many moons by Kevin before I finally met this infamous Roxie.   And what a fateful day it was!   We were at the bomb of Applause at Encores! when he brought her to us and she turned out to be the sparkle of the evening. 

Since then, we've enjoyed many theatre adventures,  some road trips in her big 'ole shiny caddy, some Harriet Walter Weekends, many gins & tonic, and 1000s of laughs.   On many occassion, I've felt grumpy and snarly, then she shows up with her sparkling self and just lifts the dark from my mood.  Her youthful enthusiasm inspires me to power through.  Plus, I like to keep her around simply for the fact that she's the Tall Girl.

Besides just being downright stylish and fun, I'm very impressed with Roxie.    Being thoroughly artsy crafty, she's a freelance costume designer by trade and she works at two different theatres in New Jersey, finds time to lead a Girl Scout troop and still give 100% to her friends, family and causes she believes in.   Even though she's a beatiful twenty something, she's a fabulous old soul, full of vim and vigor and ready to take the world with her laugh. 

Roxie's a reminder that there's no need to be complacent in life - with strength, talent and
perserverence not to mention a lot of hard work, she'll conquer her dreams yet and I am the better to witness the process.

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Roxie said...

Thank you SarahB! You're the Harriet Walterest!