Sunday, May 16, 2010

Philanthropy Divas

After enjoying the Met Orchestra concert at Carnegie Hall today, Sally and I were thumbing through the back of the program, perusing the lists of big donors. It's easy to be a little envious of rich people - as Kari says, "I'm already happy, so imagine how happy I'd be if I was rich." We fantasize about being to see anything and everything - and even giving a large donation to our favorite arts institutions (so we can choose the material and the cast!). As much as we do - and we are Friends of Carnegie, the NY Phil, Lincoln Center and Guild Members - it's not even microscopic compared to what Mercedes Bass and so many others like Ann Ziff and especially Dr. Agnes Varis do. I'm pretty glad these philantropist like opera and classical music too.

From May 2010 Vogue

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