Saturday, June 19, 2010

London Souvenirs

When Kari and I visited London last fall, we stumbled upon a perfect little street called Cecil Court just off Charing Cross Road.  That day, David Drummond's little shop of "Books, playbills and bygones of the performing arts" was tragically closed for a holiday and I was left staring longingly on the outside.

But on our recent trip, there he was!   And lucky for me, he is now only open the first weekend of each month.

Mr. Drummond is absolutely delightful.  He's full of stories of productions he seen and of the friends who visit his shop, both famous and infamous.  He's been the proprietor in this gem of a shop for 42 years.  I could have spent the day - or weeks - digging through his stacks and stacks of memorabilia.   As it was, I kept my visit short and not too expensive and walked away with some fabulous theatrical treasures that make me very happy.

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jiva said...

OMG Sarah Beth, these are terrific!
How fun to look through them.
Thanks again for sharing.