Friday, August 20, 2010

My Robert Preston Playlist

Some may mock, but yes, I have a Robert Preston Playlist (as a matter of fact, I'm listening right now!).  It includes all of his greatest hits - Mack and Mabel, The Music Man, Ben Franklin in Paris, the soundtrack of Victor/Victoria, "Loving You" from the soundtrack of the movie Mame (the only song from that travesty that will ever come near my iTunes), the original cast album of I do! I do! and even the very special Chicken Fat.  

Tomorrow, we're road tripping to Westport, Connecticut to see Kate Baldwin and Lewis Cleale in I do! I do! at Westport Country Playhouse.   It's a two person musical about a couple over their 50 year marriage.  The book is by Tom Jones, with lyrics by Tom Jones and music by Harvey Schmidt.  It played for 560 performances on Broadway from 1966 to 1968 and starred Mary Martin and Robert Preston (Carol Lawrence and Gordon Macrae replaced them in 1967).  Robert Preston won the 1967 Tony Award® Best Actor in a Musical.  

This morning I was prompted by one of these mockers to see this video of Mary and Robert performing "Nobody's Perfect" at the 1966 Tony Awards.   I ask you, how could anybody mock a Robert Preston Playlist? 


Sibyl said...

Definitely NOT mockable.

Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

How on earth could anyone mock you?! Great video, too!!