Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Andy Griffith Explains Carmen

A friend of mine, who home schools her kids, emailed me yesterday about Carmen: "Carmen is about the 1830s and that's where we are in history! So, I've just placed a hold on one of the recordings. I'm also working on finding a video of it. That's cool!"

I emailed her back immediately to let her know that Carmen, opera's sexiest opera, might not even be PG-13 so probably inappropriate for her kids...but she told me that she told them part of the story and they definitely want to listen to it. But of course! Since it's in French, they won't know every word plus they'll love the toréador songs, especially the final parade, especially since there is such a fabulous children's chorus involved.

And if they need a little more synopsis, she can always play Andy Griffith's version for them. It'll make plenty of sense and give a little insight to how opera singers do what they do.

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