Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Two Broadway Plays

I saw A FREE MAN OF COLOR at Lincoln Center Theatre with my friend Linda of Pataphysical Science.   Historically intricate in characters and plot, it involves the story of a free black man in New Orleans amidst the time of the Louisiana Purchase.   It's bright, fast moving, funny, interesting, and shocking.  I loved it!  Jeffrey Wright stars, but out of the enormous cast Veanne Cox and John McMartin stole the show for me.

I also saw ELLING with Chris Caggiano of Everything I Know I Learned from Musicals.  It was bizarre but sweet and mostly entertaining about two insane asylum roommates who continue to live together on the outside as well.   It's a subtle look at love, trust and friendship and what is normal.  Brendan Fraser, Jennifer Coolidge, Richard Easton, Jeremy Shalos and Denis O'Hare star.   It was fun to see Brendan and Jennifer, but Denis O'Hare was fantastic!  

Thanks to my friends, I enjoyed comped seats.  Of the two, I would pay to see A FREE MAN OF COLOR again. 

I would see

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