Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kiss me, Bobby!

Sally, Kari and I stood in line at the Opera Shop at the Metropolitan Opera yesterday in order to meet tenor Roberto Alagna.  I was first of the three of us and when I approached the table, he stood up and kissed me on both cheeks!  I'm never going to wash my face again. 


karigee said...

AHHHH! Unacceptable!

chelsea said...

Look at those "come hither" eyes!!!

Just stay away from my Jonas! You've been warned.

sally said...

He's so adorable.

karigee said...

Chelsea, I told her she could have Dmitri. Isn't that enough?

Sarah B. Roberts said...

@karigee - non! remember I'm a greedy (____)
@chelsea - you can have him!
@sally - it's true!