Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bernadette will provide the entertainment

On Friday, I'm heading to Austin, Texas. It's a full weekend of friends and fun.  It just so happens that Bernadette Peters is providing the Friday night entertainment at the Paramount Theatre on Congress Avenue.   There will be seven of my best friends in the world joining me: Beth, who was with me the very first time I saw Bernadette perform in Gypsy at the Shubert on Broadway; Karen, whom I met through Bernadette at her concert in Peekskill - Karen always says, Become a fan of Bernadette with you'll tour the US and Canada with her; Suzi, whom I met when I was working in San Antonio and who shares a love of adventure and live entertainment; Robin, my college roommate, who has great affection for The Jerk, and with whom I traveled all the way to Hawaii to turn on the tv only to find The Jerk; Jamie, who has been my friend since we were 10 years old and who has seen me through just about everything; and Julie and Juella, who have been my friends since junior high and whom I haven't seen since we graduated from high school.    All I can say is that we are all in for a treat on Friday night! 


karigee said...

Oh my goodness, I can't wait to hear the stories. Have fun! Don't get arrested!

jiva said...

This sounds like the best of times.