Monday, May 02, 2011

Hairspray at the Midland Community Theatre

Cara attended the Midland Community Theatre's production of HAIRPRAY on Saturday night.   Being one of her favorite films, I knew she'd enjoy seeing the stage show.  Here is her review:

Last night I went to the Yucca Theater in downtown Midland, Tx and saw the play Hairspray. It was so good. I was amazed! Tracy and Amber were my favorite characters in the play. Edna was funny too. The Midland College band played the music and it was very good. My favorite part of the play was at the end when Tracy came in the back of the theater with Link and surprised everyone at the Miss Hairspray contest. My favorite song was "Good Morning Baltimore"and "Welcome to the 60s." Thank you RahRah for the tickets!

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Esther said...

I'm so happy Cara enjoyed Hairspray. The movie is great but there's nothing like seeing it live! And those are two of my favorite songs, also. They're both so much fun to watch!