Thursday, June 23, 2011

Play Reading: The Old Masters at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Giorgione's The Adoration of the Shepherds
On Monday night, Karigee and I went to a reading of Simon Gray's The Old Masters at the Metrolitan Museum of Art.  The reading was by Sam Waterston, Brian Murray, Shirley Knigh, Heidi Schreck and Rufus Collings.  

The play is a dramatized true story that takes place in pre-second world war Italy and is about the relationship between Bernard Berenson (Waterston) and  Lord Joseph Duveen (Murray).  Berenson was an art historian and Duveen was an art dealer.   The story is centered around the painting The Adoration of the Shepherds by Giorgione and their disagreement about whether or not it was by Giorgione's teacher Titian. 

Seeing an accomplished cast such as this reading a fabulous play for just $20, we could not go wrong on a Monday night.  The reading is directed by Michael Rudman and produced by John Martello and Elliot Martin.   On Monday the 27th, there will be encore performance.    The Old Masters is on the list to play Broadway later this year.

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