Monday, July 18, 2011

Brilliant Traces at the Arclight Theater

Last week, I saw Brilliant Traces at the ArcLight Theater. 

I love the ArcLight - it's in the lower level of the Church of the Blessed Sacrement on West 71st Street.  From it's twinkle lit entrance to the comfortable, cool black box space, it's the perfect setting to see an off-Broadway play on the Upper West Side.   It's always easy for me to say yes to seeing a show there, even without knowing anything about the play.  

Brilliant Traces, written by Cindy Lou Johnson and directed by Adam Fitzgerald, stars Erica Linderman as Rosannah and William W. Warren as Henry.  It's a fast-paced play about two lonely and hurting individuals who serendipidously end up in each other's company.   Rosannah literally blows into Henry's secluded cabin in the middle of a blizzard during wee hours of night.   In the midst of confusion, the two caracters slowly reveal to each other truths about their personal desperations.    Both actors put in good performances and play off each other very well.   They palpably portray fear and anxiety, while being simultaneously funny and heartbreaking.

Brilliant Traces runs through July 24th and tickets are available via Theatermania.

Production photo by Kevin Thomas Garcia

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